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I have been really busy creating a new collection of Custom Coat samples.  There are 8 style examples- The Royal Coat, The Rockstar Coat, The Swing Coat, The Playa Playa Coat, The Legend Coat, The Prince Jacket, The Big Bad Wolf Jacket, and The Boheme Coat.  These coats will be viewable on my new website in early summer ( more details announced soon). If you would like to preview my new collection, try the pieces on and put an order in for your own uber special piece, please come see me in NYC April 25- 27, 2014.  I will be showing these pieces alongside Shannon Shiang’s work at her new apartment in Times Square.  We are excited to collaborate (imagine Shannon’s distinctive work integrated into your coat as buckles, button and embellishment).

Please email me at to set up an appointment- event is by appointment only.  When you check in with doorman be certain to say you are going to “Shannon’s Apartment” so there is no confusion  at The Ritz Plaza, 235 West 48th Street Apt 32B NYC, Times Square

Please take a look at the photolink below of the fabthings I have created over the years in their natural habitat- at BM, onstage, and dancing at parties!!!!!



Select one-of-a-kind CSG by the Sea pieces are still available at Island Gear, on Coconut Drive across from the Belize Yacht Club, through this weekend.  Check them out before they are gone!!!!  For more details and photos, please click this link-

Hippo Halloween

Hoopy Hulaween

Follow above “Hoopy Hulaween” link to see images of my favorite custom costume clothing head to toe creations.  I love any day where people express themselves by dressing up and Halloween is the ultimate chance!!!!  I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you take this opportunity to step outside yourself and have some extra fun!!

Cover pic is from the Holiday Hotel Halloween bash last Saturday- I was a ballerina hippo (you know the one from Fantasia) and dearest Deli was in a CSG creation of Disney Princess Tiana.


CSG by the Sea preview

Inspiration drips off of everything in Belize, Central America!!!   From hot magenta hibiscus flowers to the verdant palm fronds dancing in the wind and of course the magical color of the Caribbean Sea, the energy of this beautiful place seeps into everything I do.    After soaking up the place, the love, the new friends and environment for the last year, this experience is beginning to translate into a new collection of fabthings- CSG by the Sea.

Danceability, yogability and comfort are balanced with breathable fabrics (like bamboo and DRY-tek performance mesh that both help to wick sweat and moisture away from you skin) and styles that make you feel beautiful, light and ready for fun.

Please take a look at the photos and stay tuned for more info on Belize Fashion Week 2013 (April 11-14, San Pedro, A.C)- live runway presentation!!!!!!


Natural Habitat

The Burning Man Festival 2012 looked like a particularly excellent time.

I love seeing my creations in their natural habitat.

The photons and the light at Burning Man are activated in an extraordinary way.  There is no duplicating it.

These last few years I have traveled to the playa in spirit only via the coats.  Click on this flickr link for a photo gallery of my favorite playa shots from 2005- 2012.  (i have also attached one to this post.)



Caitlin Stolley Greer IS the Lily Guilder!

I am pleased to present my new website  Please scroll through the GALLERY and JOIN me to receive info on events and sales.

Many thanks to you all for your enthusiasm and loving support- Did I create a sequin explosion (aka clown barf) in your living room?  Perhaps you patiently waited while I finished your order in my RV on the playa?  Maybe you sewed closures until the wee hours of the night?  Have you been swirling and twirling and dancing your ass off in your cape/ coat?  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

The last 7 years of custom costume clothing creation have been a joyful adventure.  Thank you for helping me to do what I love every day- if you feel even just little of the love you’ve given me when you put on your CSG piece, I have done my job!

 You are beautiful… Slip into something more Fabulous… BE LOVE!!!!!!!!!

I would like to start out my first blog post by saying.. welcome!

This will be where you can keep up on all that is happening in the world of Wearable Art Garments by Caitlin Stolley Greer

You are Beautiful… Slip into something more Fabulous… BE LOVE!